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The Hot Product LED

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Model Name: CM0801

8.1 inch IPS 1600×480 high resolution screen, optional with 19-pin USB 3.0 or Dual Type A USB 3.0 Input

Industrial grade with versatile USB cable specifications

CM0801 is an HMI screen completely designed for industrial use where running 7/24/365 is crucial. With integrated hardware and software for commercial and industrial use, We have added the scalability with both 19‐pin USB 3.0 socket, as well as dual Type A USB 3.0 for source input.

Available for All LVDS interfaced LCD Panels

With the rule of “one board fits all sizes”, this solution supports all LCD panel sizes with LVDS interface.


Type-C: New interface for HMI Screens

Type C is the latest interface architecture for HMI (human machine interface), to display control dashboard information onto a screen.

Built for industrial integration

Our type-C monitor is totally built for industrial use, it not only comes with various form factors, saying open frame, board kits, framed unit, but also with abundant custom options just like other product lines.

Versatile USB cable specifications

Monitors powered by USB is evolving rapidly, we have built the lines of USB 2.0, 3.0 and Type-C, and we learned there are so many scenarios that people need both 3.0 and type C. So we added the scalability for support both 3.0 and type C on our hardware with related cable specifications.

Wide choices of screen sizes

This board supports all sizes of LCD panels with LVDS interface, so we provide wide selections of screen sizes with different form factors, saying open frame, semi-kit, framed unit.


► LCD Panel Spec:Digital TFT-LCD With LED Backlight
► Panel Size: 8.1-inch ( other size up to 43-inch available via project );
► Resolution (pixels): 1600×480 (IPS panel) ;
► Aspect Ratio (W:L): 8:3 ;
► Brightness: 300 CD/㎡;
► Contrast Ratio: 1000:1 ;
► Viewing Angle: U80/D80/L80/R80;
► Interface: DC-in 12V, On-Off Switch; USB Type C input;
► Built-in Speakers :2W * 2 Stereo Speakers(optional)
► AC Power Adapter: AC in 100-240V; DC Out 12V 1.0A;
► Unit Size: 212x87x25.4mm;
► Body Materials: ABS (Metallic is available via project )
► Touchscreen:Optional ;
► Cable Solutions: 19-pin USB 3.0 To Type C; Dual Type A USB 3.0 to Type C; Type C to Type C;


  • Safety

    Lowest Product Failure Rate, Product Life-circle Support

  • Efficiency

    Increase productivity and decrease costs

  • Peace of mind

    Modular-base solution with interplay of hardware & software


  • Project Target Recognition

  • Diagnose

  • Design & Development

  • Validation & Test

  • Deliver & Mass Production

We understand each customer has their own unique knowledge about retail electronics solution, they may face different challenges, thus have different project requirements with different expectation.
Due to the above, the starting point of our job is to recognize the actual project target, helping our customers address the multiple aspects of the whole project, from installation, user experience to maintenance. With our solid electronics experience having seen or overcome 99% of retail advertising challenges, we are able to let our customer understand A‐Z of their project before making decision.