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As an end-to-end display solution specialist, AOK Displays designs, engineers and manufactures all of our display solutions under one roof. By owning the entire process, we are able to customize our display / monitor / tablet / media player models to best fit our client’s needs.

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AOK Displays Welcomes Worldwide Partners In Terms Of Referrals Or Solution Partnerships (Offshore R & D Engineering Centre ) With Our Robust Full-integrated Digital Signage Solutions Designed For Retail Displays, Office Automation, Hospitality, Education, Menu Boards,Point of Purchase & More.

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Design & Manufacturing Confidence With AOK Displays
  • Solutions Tailor-Made To Your Requirements Are you fed up by the following frustrations ?

  • During the implementation of your projects, are you getting:

  • - Non-interplay of hardware & software

  • - Limited customization

  • - Inconclusive development times

    Design & Develop Capabilities

  • Mechanical Design

    Working with our in-house design team, our mechanical designer will make sure that the tailor-designed products for you fits all your needs crossing the whole product lifecycle, and it is user friendly, installation friendly and maintenance friendly.

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    Electronic Design

    Electronic design firstly comes with the full understanding of clients' project requirements, the hardware we use would be totally maching customer's performance & budgetary needs, the electronic layouts and schematics are designed with the most reliable, stable, efficient yet cost-effective blueprint.

  • Industrial Design

    ID design team helps you ensure the balance of functional expectations and the essence of aesthetics. It is the core of "design for manufacturing", When we start the ID part, we also consider mechanical design at the same time in order to make it manufacturing friendly, user friendly, installation & maintenance friendly.

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    Software Development

    We build our software and hardware interplay across different platforms in order to make our products and solutions easy to produce on project basis, From software customization, middleware, MCU operators, as well as API tools, our software team will streamline these micro & macro from the product development to client's project implement & integration in the field.

Software & Hardware Platforms We Are Working With

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Products We Design & Develop

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    We start supporting your projects from board level manufacturing with hardware & software interplay. The boards range from the sophisticated 8-layer one to simple 2-layer one, including but not limited for interactive touchscreen tablets, industrial monitors, retail video screens, daisy-chain video wall strips, as well as some user element peripheral boards.

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    Retail, Commercial & Medical

    The industries & appliations that we ever served: Retail advertising, Healthcare, Transportation, Industrial Automation, Room booking, Video conferencing, Vending machine Gym & Fitness Control Panel

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    Turkey Systems

    We always provide our clients the modular-based, proprietary, turn-key solution with interplay of hardware & software, from 10+ dollars valued small systems to over 2000usd high-value premium system with assemly kits more than 100 pcs for one set.

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    Accessories / Peripherals

    User elements & accessories of our solutions are ruled by one unified architecture with cross-platform API, it is interchangeable, upgradeable from one system to the other, no need switching pin assignment, no need modifying operator syns, just plug & play, the most used peripherals are RFID reader and writer, motion sensor, contactless button, PoE module, LGP light guide panel, hall sensor, etc

  • OEM


    We Mean Customers Take Our Existing Solutions With Or Without Some Micro Re-Engineering, Software Modification As OEM. Our Current Product Lines Can Support 80% Of Retail Screen Advertising Project Hardwares That Are Required.

    As For Existing Products, It Doesn’t Mean Our Customers Have To Take What It Is, We Can Still Offer Free-Of-Charge Customization On Software As Well As Packaging.

    For Modifications On Tooling ( housing ) And/ Or Layout Of Mother Board, We Would Require Surcharge To Implement As Per Customer’s Requirements.

    • The Advantages Of OEM Are Remarkable:

    • Stable Quality Products.

    • Short Time To Market And Manageable Delivery With Mass Production Approved Materials.

    • Competitive Pricing Based On Volume Output In The Past.

  • Partner Program

    AOK is very sociable in business world, thanks to the sustained support of our partners from different industries and departments.

    Lived by high level of integrity and business ethics, We have partnered with leading digital signage companies to offer complete, end-to-end, cost-effective solutions.

    We also created referral program to give related companies or individuals (including but not limited to software providers,service providers, system integrators) who do not order or resell our products directly, an opportunity to become part of our partner ecosystem and work together to deliver superior products & solutions to our joint customers.

    Our choice of business partnership, are not primarily based on order quantity but also in terms of shared visions, business-value , long term growth and profitability for both parties.